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Wedding Ring Sets 

Rings for Him, rings for Her, rings for Us

Whether you are looking for matching sets of wedding bands, or co-ordinating pairs of rings, which include design elements that in some way unite the two bands; the wedding ring set, is as individual as you are. Our extensive range of plain and diamond set bands includes co-ordinating ring sets both men and for women.

Matching Sets

We offer an extensive range of unisex Wedding ring sets by German designer 'St Maurice'. Featuring exceptional design and engineering, these rings are available in both plain and diamond set versions of design-led rings for men and women.

The 'Black and White' collection features stunning black and white rhodium plating, to create a dramatic, contemporary  finish, whilst their 'Infity' collection features the most stylish settings and exceptional craftsmanship, in a collection of rings which embody both classic styling and comntemporary details.

So whether it is a set of rings for Bride and Groom, or rings for same sex couples, we will work with you to create the perfect set of wedding bands, that express your individual style and love for each other.