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Choosing a Shaped Wedding Ring

Whilst many engagement rings are designed to sit nicely next to a plain, straight ring, some more unusual designs do not sit comfortably next to plain band.

With this in mind, we offer a variety of shaped wedding rings to fit most solitaire, trilogy cluster and unusual shaped engagement rings, and should your ring require a bespoke fit, we can make a ring to match your engagement ring perfectly. A conventional ‘shaped’ wedding ring is designed to fit closely around the engagement ring, to create a wedding set that is harmonious and unified. In our experience however, not all rings work with such a closely matched design, so we also offer a range of complimentary rings that will fit more loosely around your engagement ring, to frame your ring, rather than fit it too closely.

How do I find the right shape wedding ring for my engagement ring?

Some of the shapes, for example a wishbone or a cut-out, are more obvious than others, but it is always best to try a variety of styles, to find out which design suits you best. Please feel free to contact us for some advice about which style would work with your ring. It would be particularly helpful if you could include one or two images of your engagement ring and we will point you in the right direction.

Don’t worry if you cannot find exactly what you want; as we can make a bespoke design, individually tailored to match your engagement.