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Bezel or "Rub-Over" Setting

The bezel or rub-over style is a stylish and contemporary looking setting, which both secures and protects the diamonds. The metal surrounding the stone is quite literally pushed over the edge of the stone, thereby offering maximum security to the diamond. This type of setting can be very effective for fancy shapes of diamond.

The fact that the metal faithfully follows the outline helps to emphasize the diamond shape.The traditional bezel, also known as a solid bezel or full bezel, has the collar go completely around the diamond.

A variation of the bezel is known as the half bezel where the bezel is split into two sections, each arcing around just a part of the diamond. The bezel or half bezel can be excellent choices for diamonds that inclusions visible from the side. Since bezel covers the diamond from the sides, it can conceal inclusions that would otherwise detract from the appearance of the diamond.