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Platinum, 950

Why choose Platinum?

One of the main reasons people prefer to have their jewellery made in platinum is its brilliant white colour. Along with its white colour it is also very durable. While it still marks like all metals platinum does not lose any weight. When a platinum ring is marked the metal is simply pushed aside to another part of the band. Over-time it will develop a patina which can make it seem misty. This can easily be removed by having the ring re-polished.

Platinum is hallmarked 950, meaning it has a 95% purity. This is mixed with 5% of another alloy. Platinum is one of the most valuable metals and is perfect for having your jewellery made in.

If you are looking for a pure white metal, with exceptional qualities, guaranteed to last a lifetime, then Platinum is the choice for you.

PURE: Platinum is a pure white metal, with a natural satin sheen surface and beautiful silver lustre.

RARE: Platinum is actually 30 times rarer than gold, hence its desireability.

ETERNAL: Platinum never loses its warm, white lustre, a truly unique property amongst precious metals. Platinum is exceptionally durable, and when scratched it doesn't lose metal, rather the metal is displaced, so the platinum you buy now will last a lifetime.