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Why choose Palladium?

Palladium is the contemporary and price conscious alternative to White Gold and Platinum. Palladium is a pure white metal, with a rich silver grey lustre. Slightly darker than Platinum, it is a beautiful metal which has become increasingly popular with both brides and grooms.

From the platinum group of metals that includes platinum, and rhodium; the metal that is most widely used to 'plate' white gold, palladium has similar properties to platinum, in that it is durable and does not tarnish, Palladium is less dense and therefore lighter than platinum, but remains hard wearing.

Palladium has only been hallmarked since January 2010. Platinum is the only other metal hallmarked 950. There is an additional symbol so it can be distinguished from platinum.

Palladium: is a platinum group metal. It does not
tarnish or lose whiteness when worn.
Palladium is naturally white, and therefore does
not require repeated rhodium plating to maintain its
Palladium wears similarly to platinum. As with any
piece subjected to daily use, palladium jewellery
will show surface wear over time. Surface wear
is easily restored by cleaning and re-polishing—a
regular practice performed by most retail service
Palladium alloyed for jewellery is mostly 95% pure.
Common alloy ingredients are ruthenium and iridium
which are also platinum group metals.
Palladium is comparable in weight to 9 and 14ct
white gold, making it very comfortable to wear even
larger pieces.