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Multi-Colour Gold

Gold is naturally a warm, rich yellow; the colour we associate with so called 'yellow gold'.

Through the addition of different alloys, the colour of gold can be adjusted to create different hues, the most popular of which are white and rose gold. The combination of coloured gold can create a beautiful and unusual design, particularly when 2 or more metals are combined with diamonds, or with dramatic finishing touches such as white or black rhodium.

The difference in color between yellow, white and rose is determined by the metals used in the alloy mix. As the color difference is due to the metal components in the alloy mix, the color of yellow gold and rose gold will not chip, fade or wear off with age. Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. Rose gold is made using a mix of pure gold with alloys including copper. The copper provides the rose-reddish color. White gold iscreated by the addition of white alloys such as palladium or nickel free silver.

rose gold and white gold wedding ring




The bright white finish of white gold is a result of rhodium plating. This will eventually fade when the rhodium plating wears away.