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Eternity Rings, by Rings for Eternity

A diamond Eternity Ring is the symbol of eternal, never-ending love. Worn as a wedding band, or given as a gift to commemorate a special event or anniversary, the Eternity Ring, is the ultimate expression of never-ending love; a ring that says I love you, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

Eternity Ring Styles

Full Eternity Band: A fully set ring, with diamonds set all the way around the band, a symbol of eternal love

Partial Set Eternity Bands: A ring that has diamonds most of the way round the ring, with between 60-90% of the band set with diamonds. A practical alternative to a fully set band; ideal if you are planning a more delicate setting, or may be planning to wear the ring all the time.

Half Eternity Band: The half ET covers a range of setting styles, and describes a ring with 50-60% of the band set with diamonds - a popular choice as a wedding band.

Our extensive collection of Eternity Style rings features the most stunning, elegant and breathtaking of designs. From simple channel and claw set rings, to highly ornate rings with a variety of diamond cuts, our eternity rings are beautifully set to create stunning bands that symbolise your eternal love.