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Bespoke Rings

Bespoke: The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak, to "speak for something", meaning "to give order for it to be made". The term bespoke in jewellery refers to unique designs, which are tailored to the specific needs of the individual customer. The term covers a range of services; from simple adjustments of an existing design, such as of the width or dimensions of a ring, or the size of the diamonds, to completely unique design projects, in which we work closely with the client to create something specialised and individual.

So why go 'bespoke'?

It might be that your engagement ring needs a very special, shaped band, handmade to show off the unique beauty of your diamond, or it could simply It be that after trying on dozens of rings, nothing quite matched the image in your head, and you know that you will never be entirely happy with any of the beautiful rings you have tried on.

It may be that you are looking for something similar to a ring you have already seen, which somehow was not quite right, or you are searching for something you have imagined but have never found, it may even be that you want to include a unique design feature that you have dreamed of and is personal to you.

Then creating a bespoke ring is the answer.

Bespoke does not necessarily mean expensive, a bespoke ring is simply something which has your signature on it, a ring that perfectly matches the picture in your head and feels perfect on your hand, and sits perfectly next to your engagement ring.

A bespoke made wedding ring takes into consideration both your engagement ring, and your budget. We will work with you to create the design and bring it to fruition.

Browse our Bespoke Gallery to view a selection of bespoke made rings, in which we worked closely with our clients from design stage to finished item.