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Alternative and Contemporary Profiles

There are a variety of ring profiles available as variations on the classic Court and Flat shapes,  or for a wedding band with a dramatic and modern twist, try a design with architectural features and unusual lines. Take a modern profile band, finished to a luxurious high polish, or add a satin sheen for texture to create a beautiful and contemporary wedding band.

If you are looking for something a little different you might consider a ring with a more defined D shape, a squarer style, or even concave shapes; all of which are available as both plain and satin finished rings. Many of the alternative profiles that we offer can be diamond set to create a stunning and unique wedding band.

If you are looking for an alternative to a classic band, consider trying on one of the the following options:

Concave Court Profile: Court shaped interior with a modern, concave shaped exterior; even more stunning when created with a combination of high polished and satin or matt finished surfaces 

Flat Sided Court Profile: a heavier court shape band with resulting deeper, flatter edges, tio create a heavy weight, strong looking band.

Halo Profile: A circular, round shaped band

Rounded Flat: A deeper version of a flat profile, with softer, rounded edges.

Bevelled Edge Court: A court shaped bansd with either a single stepped edge, or a bevel on eoiher side

Bevelled Edge Flat Court: Emphasise the shape of a bevelled edge flat with a combination of highly polished edges and a matt finish centre

Knife Edge Court: Create a dramatic look with a two-tone knife edge, or a diamond set knife edge to compliment a stunning knife edge profile engagement ring.